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Speaker FAQs

Speaker FAQs

Where can I find a conference overview?

  • Click here to learn more about the conference. 

Do I need to register for the conference?

  • All speakers are required to register for the conference. You may register for your session only (free of charge) or for the entire conference (for $799 if you register before May 24). Click here to register using the code listed in your speaker confirmation email.

Who will make my hotel and travel arrangements?

  • Speakers are responsible for making their own hotel and travel arrangements for the conference. The hotel room block is filling up quickly so we strongly recommend making your reservation as soon as possible.
  • Speakers must register for the conference before reserving a hotel room and will receive a link to the hotel reservation page in their registration confirmation emails.

I am a foundation trustee or staff member. Will GIH reimburse my hotel and travel costs?

  • Speakers who are affiliated with foundations or corporate giving programs are expected to cover their own hotel and travel costs.

I do not work for a foundation, or sit on a foundation’s board. Who is responsible for covering my hotel and travel costs?

  • Session designers are responsible for covering conference-related costs (conference registration, hotel accommodations, and travel expenses) for speakers who are not affiliated with a foundation.
  • If your session is being designed by a GIH staff member, you will receive reimbursement guidelines and an expense form. Please contact Melissa Bland at if you have any questions.

Does GIH have any other guidelines for speakers who are not funders?

  • GIH strives to create a space for funders to learn from and connect with one another; a space for candid conversation that is free of solicitation.
  • Fundraising and client solicitation are prohibited at the conference. While it is permissible to follow up with contacts made at the conference at their invitation, we ask that this not happen on site.
  • We do not allow additional or substitute representatives from a nonfunder presenter’s organization to attend any portion of the meeting.
  • We ask nonfunders not to attend any “invitation-only” or “funder-only” sessions on the agenda.
  • For those organizations that both raise funds and make grants, we ask that your participation during the conference activities be as a funder only (unless as part of your session participation).
  • Contact information on the conference participant list is for networking purposes only. Nonfunders should not add an individual’s contact information to your organization’s mailing list without that person’s permission.

What’s the difference between a speaker and a session designer?

  • Session designers are responsible for the overall planning and execution of the session, leading up to and at the annual conference. They submitted the original session proposal to GIH and may or may not be speakers at the session.
  • Speakers are presenters speaking at the session with the following responsibilities: entering their information into the Hubb system, participating in planning calls, and preparing their content for the session.

How can I complete a speaker profile, review session details, and upload session materials?

  • GIH uses an online conference portal called Hubb, through which speakers can complete a speaker profile, review session details, and upload session materials.
  • All speakers will receive an email from that includes a link to Hubb. Please click the link to choose a username and password, and to log in.
  • By May 3, please upload a short bio and photo to Hubb.
  • By May 28, please upload any presentation slides and session materials to Hubb.
  • If you have trouble getting started, please contact Erica Watkins at

How will presentation slides and session materials be made available to conference attendees?

  • All presentation slides and session materials uploaded to Hubb by May 28 will be available to attendees through our conference app. Slides and materials received after that date will be made available to attendees after the conference.

How can I expect the room to be set for my session?

  • Breakout Sessions: Rooms will be set either in rounds or theater style, as determined by room capacity limits. There will be a speaker table and podium in the front of the room. The standard AV package includes a screen, laptop, slide advancer, microphones, and wireless internet access ).
  • Quick Take and Tech Byte Sessions: Rooms will be set with a semicircle of chairs for the audience. There will be no speaker table or podium. The standard AV package includes a large monitor on a floor stand, laptop, slide advancer, microphones, sound for videos, and wireless internet access.

When should I arrive in the room for my session? What should I bring with me?

  • Speakers should meet GIH staff at the session location at least 20 minutes in advance. If you uploaded presentation slides to Hubb, they will be preloaded on a laptop in the room.
  • Please bring a copy of your presentation on a USB flash drive that can be connected to a Windows-based laptop, just in case. Speakers will not be able to use their own laptop computers.