Non-Solicitation Policy

GIH strives to create a space for funders to learn from and connect with one another; a space for candid conversation that is free of solicitation. We do invite non-funder presenters to join us for the full annual conference, and ask that they keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Fundraising and client solicitation are prohibited at the conference. While it is permissible to follow up with contacts made at the conference at their invitation, we ask that this not happen in advance of the conference or on-site.
  • We do not allow additional or substitute representatives from a non-funder presenter’s organization to attend any portion of the meeting.
  • We ask nonfunders to observe requests for any “invitation-only” or “funder-only” sessions on the agenda.
  • For those organizations that both raise funds and make grants, we ask that your participation during the conference activities be as a funder only (unless as part of your session participation).
  • Contact information on the conference participant list is for networking purposes only. Nonfunders should not add an individual’s contact information to your organization’s mailing list without that person’s permission.

Code of Conduct

The GIH conference is a space dedicated to learning, and it is important to us that all participants feel welcome. GIH appreciates your partnership in ensuring that the professional environment we share is one defined by mutual respect and inclusiveness, where dignity and diversity are valued. If you experience or witness offensive language, inappropriate behavior, or harassment of any kind while at a GIH event or program, please alert a member of the GIH staff.


Photography/Video/Audio Taping Release


GIH strives to capture the community, peer-learning environment of our conferences. To do so, we photograph and record various aspects of the conference, and your image and voice might be captured. Furthermore, we may use these photographs and videos for future distribution and promotional purposes in our print and online communications materials. By participating in this conference and/or being present at the venue, you authorize GIH to use and reproduce any photographs taken, without compensation. All negatives and positives, photographic prints and digital photo files shall constitute GIH property, solely and completely.